Who We Are

If you buy into the idea that skills, knowledge and abilities are built through experience, then it follows that valuable experiences would develop a valuable skill set. I’d like to tell you what I’ve been up to — with an eye on the value of all this to you today.

Deep Digital Know-how: Graphics Factory

At the Graphics Factory in Royal Oak my job was to help transform computer files into booklets, signs, posters and leaflets. No matter what the input, the OUTPUT had to be perfect. Sometimes the files did not work right and I was there to fix them. Immediately. I buffed out jaggedy bitmaps, processed persnickety postscript, and tracked down felonious fonts. I learned to spot cross-linked tiffs from deep inside Quark Express files.

Value Today: Digital production knowledge for fast, accurate rendering in print, Web or video.

Artistic Vision: Arminski Apprenticeship

The Graphics Factory was the watershed of the creative process. I wanted to go upstream, to the headwaters of the idea river. So I joined up with artist Mark Arminski where the detail, subtlety and finesse to creating art became a feature of daily life. We made silk screen rock and roll posters, a true labor of love. Later, Mark and I teamed up as “Chimaera Dorado,” a poster design and printing venture.

Value Today: Creative discipline to always push for big, original design ideas.

Client Focus: Creative Perceptions

Small agencies compete by bringing more talent and hustle than the big guys. And unlike the big agency, a small shop can’t wander. Deadlines rule. At Creative Perceptions I experienced how to push myself (and a few others) to the wall to deliver exceptional work ON TIME. All-nighters, Red Bull, whatever it takes.

Value Today: Peace of mind that I will deliver on time, and within budget.

High Standards: Ford Motor Company

Nobody ever died from a poster printed out of register, or some buggy javascript (at least not directly anyway). However, when I was working with vehicle interfaces for Ford, ease of use and user experience were not just design challenges, they were also real safety issues. I developed a whole new level of appreciation for usability and accessibility.

Value Today: I hold my work accountable to highest standards of usability and overall quality.